Welcome to the Yola HTML Helper

Please see below for stripping MS Word and for creating tables.


MS Word Strippers: 

1. Notepad or TextEdit
These are applications found on your desktop. Please be sure to use the Plain Text option. You can paste in the text from the external source. This will strip the formatting. You will now be able to safely copy and paste from Notepad or TextEdit into your Text Widget. Use the Text Editing Toolbar to format your text as needed. 

2. Online Word Cleaners

These online applications provide you with a way to paste your MS Word document and provides you with clean HTML that which you can safely add to your site. You would drag over a Text Widget and click on the HTML button of the Text Editing Toolbar. Paste in clean HTML codes. Then, you can use the Text Editing Toolbar to format your text as needed.

Creating Tables:

These online table generators provide you with the ability to create your tables and gives you the HTML coding to implement them into your site. You can copy the HTML codes provided and paste into your HTML Widget.